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 The Boys


Smokin' Gun's Mater

Breed: Charcoal Silver Lab
Birthday: December 16, 2007
Height: 24 inches
​Weight: 85 pounds

We purchased Mater from Silver Star Kennels in Texas. Not only is Mater a veteran to the hunting field, but he is our number one breeding male. Mater has sired a large number of beautiful pups, and he has a great temperament to be around. Although Mater is considered to be quite dark for a charcoal silver, he throws a nice, light, charcoal/blue colored offspring. Mater has an English style build that comes from strong hunting lines, but he has just enough show blood to give him a strong, blocky physique. We love having Mater around the house; almost as much as he loves bringing in ducks and geese!​ 




Smokin' Gun's Curry
Breed: Light Silver Lab
Birthday: September 22, 2015
Height: 25 inches
​Weight: 88 pounds
Curry is a big, strong English lab that we purchased from Heather Buhs in Watson Saskatchewan. Curry hunts both unpland and waterfowl and is an easy dog to have around with his quiet demeanor. His build and color make him a favorite to breed to our blocky females. He has sired some really nice pups that are starting to surface as proven hunters themselves. 

Breeding Opportunities

We currently have 2 stud dogs, Mater and Curry. Mater has a reputation of producing beautiful puppies. Curry is our young stud dog and has only been breeding since the fall of 2016. If you would like to breed Mater to one of your female dogs, we do require you to bring your female, up-to-date on shots, to our kennel. While your female is at our site, we will not be responsible for any mishaps or injuries that may occur. You are welcome to breed the female, and take her home with you at that time if you are concerned for her well-being. 

​The charge to breed to another silver lab is $1000. If you are wanting to breed a different colored lab, the price is $750. This is payable once the puppies arrive. Before breeding, we like to review pedigrees to ensure that it is a match we would like to proceed with, as well as to ensure that the female is up-to-date on vaccinations and wormings. 


Please contact us for any additional information on breeding possibilities.